Definition of dehors in English:



  • Other than, not including, or outside the scope of.

    ‘where a trust is dehors a will, the beneficiary will not even know of the trustee’
    ‘the plea shows that no request, dehors the letter, existed’
    • ‘To recap, the injury arose dehors the peri-operative period and after David was discharged from the hospital.’
    • ‘That brings me finally to the matter of the general public importance dehors the obvious importance of obeying the ordinary English dictates of Parliament.’
    • ‘Only if one finds some feature of the evidence which supports some particular agreement, dehors the lease instrument itself, does one get into that bother.’
    • ‘If it answers that simple functional test then it is not to the point to inquire whether by some other means dehors the agreement the vendor might have produced the same result.’


Early 18th century: from an Old French usage as a preposition (in modern French functioning as an adverb and noun).