Definition of degree holder in English:

degree holder


  • A person who has been awarded an academic degree.

    ‘a Masters degree holder in economics’
    • ‘The country's nearly 300 universities and their affiliated colleges produce more than two million degree holders a year.’
    • ‘A triple Harvard University degree holder,she has been breaking new ground throughout her career.’
    • ‘All physics degree holders - bachelors, masters, and doctors - are physicists and should be treated as such.’
    • ‘Little systematic information is available on jobs held by Brazilian masters and doctoral degree holders.’
    • ‘At the time of my graduation, the economy was in the midst of a recession, and hiring for B. S. degree holders in my field was very scarce.’
    • ‘There are 200,000 jobless degree holders in this country.’
    • ‘Mr Gombo is an educated person, though he is not a degree holder.’
    • ‘The expansion of the university sector has meant more degree holders, but the number of jobs has remained roughly constant.’
    • ‘She now works in a cashew factory while the brother, a B.Com degree-holder, is jobless.’
    • ‘But a graduate tax would be paid at the same rate by all degree-holders throughout their working lives, whatever the degree they obtained.’
    • ‘What I'm committed to is that every student who comes here leaves as a degree holder.’
    • ‘A lot of the increase in demand for degree holders has come from employers who use a degree as a screening mechanism to make HR's job easier.’
    • ‘A degree holder in Fine Arts, Gopi has been working in various advertisement agencies.’
    • ‘The applicants include master's degree-holders and graduates.’
    • ‘Most of the master's and doctorate degree holders did not marry until around the age of 30.’
    • ‘Eight of the schools in last year's top 10 increased the number of degree holders.’
    • ‘If you are a non-arts degree holder, you need a diploma in visual design.’
    • ‘In rural areas, few qualified people may be available to fill part-time faculty positions, while in urban areas there may be an abundance of graduate degree holders eager to teach.’
    • ‘How many doctorate degree holders have been Presidents in America or Prime Ministers in Britain?’
    • ‘Why should marketers care about the preferences of this year's newly minted degree holders?’
    person with a degree
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