Definition of degraded in English:



  • 1Treated or regarded with contempt or disrespect.

    ‘she had felt cheap and degraded’
    • ‘Surrealism was seen as one of the most vilified and degraded forms of cultural and artistic expression.’
    • ‘He also talks about the fact that the Agency's capabilities, in human intelligence and otherwise, were degraded over the years.’
    • ‘Us librarians must rise together to prevent our place in society from being demeaned, diminished and degraded!’
    • ‘They make lots of city people look very degraded indeed.’
    • ‘This is a degraded view of the public.’
    • ‘Religion has oppressed women, and degraded women for ages and ages, since the beginning of times.’
    • ‘He added that the Austrian people had to feel "degraded" by such treatment.’
    • ‘We take great delight in mocking her vanity, in snickering at her cluelessness, in seeing her degraded by public sex scandal.’
    • ‘They feel humiliated and degraded, says an irked senior commander.’
    • ‘I felt insulted, degraded, and objected vigorously.’
    • ‘A 17-year-old said he felt "degraded".’
    • ‘In his case, several of the actor's accusers claim to have been humiliated and degraded by him at work.’
    • ‘As human society becomes degraded by the influence of the age of Kali, people become unfit for the vedic system.’
    • ‘Whenever we are perpetrators or victims of oppression, we feel diminished, degraded, dehumanized.’
    • ‘Victims of sexual harassment often feel degraded.’
    • ‘This is a lengthy and very harrowing account of an abused and degraded girl, whose story is at once pathetic and tragic.’
    • ‘The businessmen are richer, and the workers are poorer, in every sense of the word: economically, spiritually, morally; we are degraded in every way.’
    • ‘Bro also gets degraded by other schoolchildren, something pop captures on film as it helps boost his ratings.’
    • ‘To feel humiliated and degraded is not what you signed up for.’
    • ‘The purse-lipped PhD People in charge think tv, movies and pop music are degraded and evil.’
    humiliated, demeaned, debased, cheapened, cheap, ashamed, abased
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    1. 1.1 Reduced in quality; inferior.
      ‘it will grow successfully even on degraded land’
      • ‘Like other electronic components, solar cells are degraded by radiation during a long space mission.’
      • ‘However, if not properly managed, the supply would be depleted, or at least the quality degraded.’
      • ‘They have succeeded in creating autonomous food communities in one of the most degraded regions of India.’
      • ‘Given the present degraded state of the film industry, its subject matter, this is nearly a provocation.’
      • ‘In the Philippines, for instance, nearly a quarter of cropland is degraded.’
      • ‘Competitive eating, like world federation wrestling, is a sport for our degraded times.’
      • ‘Radar made air defence practical, but was soon degraded by countermeasures.’
      • ‘Only in the extreme case of overheating will the wire be degraded or even destroyed by melting.’
      • ‘We would be forwarding to listeners an already degraded signal.’
      • ‘Khan says at least 40 percent of Kashmir's forests have been degraded during the conflict.’
      • ‘In his view it truly is a degraded medium.’
      • ‘By the mid- 1980 s, the land around Muynak was already degraded.’
      • ‘Otherwise, our higher education system will become steadily more degraded.’
      • ‘About one-fifth of the degraded local road pavements are rehabilitated by chemical stabilisation in Australia.’
      • ‘They don't give us a discount to compensate for the degraded shopping experience.’
      • ‘Most such sanctuaries have either been encroached on or have been completely degraded.’
      • ‘Wars should result in improved security for an affected nation's citizens, but often result in degraded or deteriorated social conditions.’
      • ‘One year, students worked on a degraded fen in Ann Arbor.’
      • ‘It is necessary to design the antenna properly or system performance will be degraded.’
      • ‘The pool will continue to function, possibly in a degraded state.’
      degenerate, corrupt, corrupted, depraved, perverted, decadent, dissolute, dissipated, debauched, immoral, base, sordid
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