Definition of deglamorize in English:


(British deglamorise)


[with object]
  • Make less glamorous or attractive.

    ‘she has a hard time deglamorizing herself’
    • ‘‘His art is the art of removing the blockage to large truths by deglamorizing and denaturalizing our priorities of remaining in control’.’
    • ‘Taking place in real time, the short goes a long way toward deglamorizing the myth of the celebrity trailer.’
    • ‘He believes harm reduction strategies help deglamorise drug abuse and addiction, and does not encourage young people to take up drugs.’
    • ‘Indeed, so deglamorized are his paintings of dancers backstage and in rehearsal that in some circles Degas has gained a reputation for misogyny.’
    • ‘Commanders were to deglamorize drinking, educate service members on its harmful effects, punish drunken driving severely, and de-emphasize alcohol at social functions.’