Definition of degeneration in English:



mass noun
  • 1The state or process of being or becoming degenerate; decline or deterioration.

    ‘overgrazing has caused serious degeneration of grassland’
    • ‘Once you start a war, never think you can control its degeneration and its consequences.’
    • ‘The degeneration is even more evident in the literature and philosophy courses at the secondary level.’
    • ‘Uncontrolled and unplanned tourism has led to natural, cultural and social degeneration inside the so-called host nations.’
    • ‘We are not dealing with merely a process of intellectual degeneration.’
    • ‘Our society has almost sunk into abysmal moral degeneration and deterioration.’
    • ‘They were pessimists, who refused to see history in terms of progress, and instead saw it as a desperate struggle against degeneration.’
    • ‘Time is thus measured as the extent to which one's virtuous labor gives way to corruption and degeneration.’
    • ‘Then as now technical progress and terror of social degeneration were two sides of the same process.’
    • ‘What we have is, we have a general cultural degeneration, of the institution of the family.’
    • ‘The social degeneration that the government's abdication of its role has caused has not been identified with any real clarity.’
    • ‘The murder has shocked a community that in recent years has tried to shrug off a poor image of poverty and degeneration.’
    • ‘At the same time, the pernicious influence of new urban cultural patterns could share some of the blame for rural degeneration.’
    • ‘But students could begin to challenge the degeneration of higher education by demanding a bit more.’
    • ‘When we focus only on delinquent students, we allow some of the real culprits in this cycle of school degeneration to escape unscathed.’
    • ‘How does he propose to fix the problem of moral degeneration and cultural decline?’
    • ‘With these measures in place, we are optimistic that initiatives to control youth degeneration would begin to bear fruit.’
    • ‘However, the 1980s marked the completion of the process of degeneration of the unions.’
    • ‘She believes that parents cannot escape the responsibility for the degeneration in the study of arts.’
    • ‘Their complete failure results into their degeneration into savagery.’
    • ‘That last sentence in particular registers a serious demoralisation and also political degeneration.’
    deterioration, decline, decay, debasement, degradation, slide, sinking, descent, drop, regression, retrogression, lapse
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    1. 1.1Medicine Deterioration and loss of function in the cells of a tissue or organ.
      ‘degeneration of the muscle fibres’
      • ‘Histopathology shows degeneration of the smooth muscle with fibrosis.’
      • ‘Menopause is the transition period of the degeneration of ovarian functions.’
      • ‘All biopsies showed evidence of muscle fiber degeneration and regeneration.’
      • ‘It damages the nerve cells in the brain and causes degeneration, deterioration and gradual loss of function of areas of the brain.’
      • ‘Radiation therapy for exudative macular degeneration has also been attempted.’
      deterioration, decline, decay, debasement, degradation, slide, sinking, descent, drop, regression, retrogression, lapse
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