Definition of defund in English:



  • Prevent from continuing to receive funds.

    ‘the California Legislature has defunded the Industrial Welfare Commission’
    • ‘Let's defund their little game and tell them to police their own lives and keep their hands off of ours.’
    • ‘If they don't like what the courts are doing, they threaten to defund the courts.’
    • ‘‘What they're thinking of is not only the fact of just making these courts go away and re-creating them the next day but also defunding them,’ he said.’
    • ‘And we are basically defunding our homeland security effort.’
    • ‘This, too, dovetails nicely with their goal of defunding the party and turning it into the token opposition in a one-party state.’
    • ‘But since it's hard to win elections when you're defunding programs that many voters have come to depend upon, it's easier to simply leave things as they are and run deficits.’
    • ‘Political parties have been significantly defunded and have less resources to finance their activities.’
    • ‘The implied threat, of course, is that if they did they'd be defunded.’
    • ‘‘If the parliament thinks they have lost the plot they could be defunded,’ he threatened.’
    • ‘‘If a racist group set up shop at school, other groups would risk defunding for ‘questioning the racist group's legitimacy,’ he explained.’
    • ‘Ironically, some people are staying in prison longer precisely because the halfway houses they're mandated to transfer to are being defunded and closed.’
    • ‘Demobilization and disarmament are, of course, the major tactics; but so is defunding.’
    • ‘I think public broadcasting should be defunded - for its own good.’
    • ‘As a result, tens of contaminated sites have been defunded.’
    • ‘But the sad thing was that it makes this program look really robust, when it's being significantly defunded.’
    • ‘If that were the goal of government institutions, people would feel very differently about them, and would not be so open to defunding the public sector.’
    • ‘If they're not met, the offending scientist and the institution he works for is defunded.’
    • ‘We further urge reinstatement of the many worthy programs that have been dropped, defunded, or disbanded through partisan political interference.’
    • ‘A 63% majority voted for defunding, but the incoming government ignored the result, claiming defunding would not withstand a court challenge.’
    • ‘They simply want us to no longer exist, and defunding us is a good place to start.’