Definition of defterdar in English:



  • (in the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey) a finance officer or treasurer, especially a provincial accountant general.

    • ‘Murad advanced the reformation of the state and founded such entities as the divan, the beylerbey, the kaziasker and the defterdar.’
    • ‘The taxation system of the Ottoman Empire was also regulated by the information of the defterdars to central government regarding the tax liabilities of the population.’
    • ‘In October 1822, Ismail was burnt to death by Nimr; and the defterdar, a man infamous for his cruelty, assumed the command of those provinces, and exacted terrible retribution.’
    • ‘The defterdar kept a book of all the inhabitants in every town or village, by the help of which the sultan levied taxes.’
    • ‘Thus, for the appointment of a vizier or defterdar, the grand vizier's recommendation to the sultan and/or direct consultation was required.’


Turkish, from Persian daftardār, from daftar ‘register’ + -dār ‘holder’.