Definition of deferred payment in English:

deferred payment


mass noun
  • 1Temporary postponement of the payment of an outstanding bill or debt, usually involving repayment by instalments.

    • ‘This approach to the fees, which include a moratorium and deferred payment, is realistic given the current economic climate.’
    • ‘The retirement plans offered the advantage of providing deferred payment of compensation that would more tightly bind people to military careers.’
    • ‘The company's expenses for the second quarter reflect a $250,000 purse expense reduction as a result of the deferred payment of some outstanding loans.’
    • ‘The NHS also unveiled another new initiative known as deferred payment to prevent people having to sell their homes to fund nursing or residential care.’
    • ‘The main attraction of using credit cards revolves around the idea of deferred payment.’
    1. 1.1count noun A sum of money paid under a deferred payment arrangement.
      • ‘His deferred payments over the years amounted to loans to the New York Stock Exchange for which he could reasonably assume to be compensated.’
      • ‘This is comprised of €10.5m cash and with a further deferred payment of €4m, of which €2m will be payable subject to the achievement of a pre-determined performance target.’
      • ‘It could include players accepting a deferred payment of part of their salaries.’
      • ‘Defence costs, excluding deferred payments at 48.1 billion rupees in 1999, were lower than the 51 billion rupees in 1998.’
      • ‘A further deferred payment, of 182 million euro, will be made in the last quarter of the year but the criteria for this payment concern the first four months of 2005 and have already been met.’