Definition of defencelessness in English:


(US defenselessness)


  • See defenceless

    • ‘She looked so frail and weak and vulnerable, so feeble and immobile, almost like an invalid, something about her defenselessness forced Ryan to comply to speak to his worst enemy, by croaking, ‘Of of course, Meg.’’
    • ‘Its bearers confirm that message by their own surprising poverty and defenselessness.’
    • ‘Mr. Montare looked pleased, but inside, her heart repeatedly crashed painfully against her chest, and all her thoughts had been replaced by a feeling of defenselessness and panic.’
    • ‘The loss of innocent life and national terror induced by our defenselessness has taken on a surreal quality that is far beyond my experience.’
    • ‘He walked towards her slowly, his arms extended at his sides in a gesture of defenselessness.’