Definition of defamatory in English:



  • (of remarks, writing, etc.) damaging the good reputation of someone; slanderous or libellous:

    ‘a defamatory allegation’
    • ‘The defendant cannot engage in recrimination or trade defamatory comments with the claimant.’
    • ‘The proceedings are being used to make defamatory remarks about people.’
    • ‘The unlawful publication of defamatory matter is an actionable wrong.’
    • ‘There was an issue as to whether the article was defamatory of the plaintiff at all.’
    • ‘We will remove any content that may put us in legal jeopardy, such as potentially libellous or defamatory postings.’
    libellous, slanderous, defaming, calumnious, calumniatory, vilifying, traducing, scandalous, scandalmongering, malicious, vicious, backbiting, muckraking, abusive, maledictory, maledictive
    disparaging, denigratory, detracting, derogatory, censorious, critical
    insulting, slurring, injurious
    mud-slinging, bitchy, catty
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