Definition of defalcator in English:



  • See defalcate

    • ‘It then ‘snowballs’ as the defalcator is forced to use funds from other closings to make the payments on the loans that were not paid off previously.’
    • ‘I hope you're having fun and have not had any mishaps with the local defalcators!’
    • ‘Gardner believed the defalcator should be permitted to return, having been sufficiently punished by his exile.’
    • ‘On the 17th of January, 1838, the United States treasurer reported to Congress sixty-three defalcators, in all to the amount of upwards of a million of dollars, without touching the vast amounts lost in the local banks, - a mere beginning of the end.’
    • ‘The committee members accused the top officials of the respective ministries and recommended that show-cause notice should be issued against the director general of the Directorate of Livestock for his failure to take punitive measures against the defalcators.’