Definition of deergrass in English:



  • A small sedge related to cotton grass, growing in tufts on wet moors and bogs.

    Trichophorum cespitosum (or Scirpus cespitosus), family Cyperaceae

    • ‘In Georgia, Barber determined that tobacco budworm developed principally on toadflax during April and May for one to two generations, followed by one generation on deergrass during June and July and two to three generations on beggarweed during July through October.’
    • ‘Use a single clump of deergrass in the landscape as a specimen, or plant three or five together to create an accent grouping.’
    • ‘Abe wears his signature field trip hat that he wove with juncus and deergrass.’
    • ‘There are several fungi that infect the leaves of deergrass, causing debilitation, but usually not death.’
    • ‘The primary coils are probably made from culms of deergrass.’