Definition of deep down in English:

deep down


  • In one's inmost feelings, despite appearances to the contrary.

    ‘I was happy on the outside, but deep down I was devastated’
    • ‘I believe that deep down, people want to confess their mistakes.’
    • ‘Some youngsters think these stories about the past are dreadfully boring and they don't want to hear them anymore but deep down, I think, they know it's part of themselves.’
    • ‘I have to hope that deep down, some of them know what they're doing is wrong.’
    • ‘It wouldn't surprise me if we just simply drifted apart because deep down neither of us think that it's going anywhere.’
    • ‘Workers were promising to fight plans to close the plant down, while deep down admitting they were fighting a losing battle.’
    • ‘You know deep down, you do not want to do this.’