Definition of deep breathing in English:

deep breathing


mass noun
  • The action of breathing deeply, especially as a method of relaxation.

    ‘calm your nerves by deep breathing’
    as modifier ‘he started to do deep-breathing exercises’
    • ‘You might consider specific stress reduction techniques, such as yoga, meditation, tai chi or deep-breathing exercises.’
    • ‘Have a bath, use deep-breathing techniques or buy a relaxation tape.’
    • ‘It combines aspects of tai chi and yoga (such as stretching, deep breathing and relaxation) with the dynamic movements of a dance class.’
    • ‘Strategies for managing stress include deep-breathing exercises, visualization techniques and relaxation exercises.’
    • ‘Do some relaxation exercises, some deep breathing, to help mentally remind your body that it's time to work in a different way.’
    • ‘During a craving, divert your attention with deep breathing, exercise or healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables.’
    • ‘While the tea cools, do some deep breathing exercises’
    • ‘Panic attacks can be controlled through relaxation, deep breathing and medication.’
    • ‘Engage in stress-relieving activities, like walking, talking to others, or using deep-breathing exercises;’
    • ‘Your chances of quitting smoking are better if you plan ways of coping with stress (for example, going for walks every day and doing deep-breathing exercises).’
    • ‘She began listening to relaxation tapes on a daily basis and doing deep-breathing exercises to reduce feelings of stress.’
    • ‘Do some relaxation exercises, deep breathing or whatever works to keep you cool.’
    • ‘Sit in the middle of your yard and practice some deep breathing exercises.’
    • ‘It is important to do deep breathing exercises to help to reduce the risk of developing a chest infection.’
    • ‘But also choose some activities that are more about deep breathing than taking your breath away.’
    • ‘Relaxation exercises, deep breathing or simply closing your eyes and imagining a peaceful scene may help.’
    • ‘For the most efficient weight loss, it can help to practise a deep-breathing technique each day.’
    • ‘Practice deep-breathing exercises, visualize a relaxing scene, or repeat a calming word or phrase to yourself, such as ‘take it easy.’’
    • ‘She suggests light, deep breathing exercises that help you relax, along with traditional tummy flattening routines.’
    • ‘Relaxation methods, such as deep breathing, meditation, and exercise are useful ways to cope with stress.’