Definition of deep-rootedness in English:



  • See deep-rooted

    • ‘When we feel our lives have a goal and purpose, it gives a sense of deep-rootedness.’
    • ‘There is much that we still do not know about the roots of corruption and poor governance, but this deep-rootedness of corruption indicates that solutions must be correspondingly broad, that they will take a long time, and that progress in the fight against corruption will be difficult and irregular.’
    • ‘But given the deep-rootedness of prejudice in our culture, we should not be surprised that we still face a long and difficult task.’
    • ‘The plants which could survive the farmers attempts to remove them, in favor of the crop plants, developed characteristics of rapid growth, deep-rootedness and other traits, which make them difficult to ‘weed out.’’
    • ‘A more telling factor is the deep-rootedness of Chinese cultural forms and practises among the district residents.’