Definition of deep-coloured in English:



  • Of a dark and intense colour or shade.

    ‘deep-coloured wines’
    • ‘It produces small quantities of very small berries in the Douro valley and, increasingly, the Portuguese Dāo region which result in deep-coloured, very tannic, concentrated wines.’
    • ‘Its 2002 seed catalogue includes 'Royal Purple' (20 seeds/£2.49) with spurless deep-coloured double flowers up to 60 cm high.’
    • ‘The principal grape variety used to be Kadarka supplemented by an aromatic, deep-coloured grape known locally as Médoc Noir.’
    • ‘It is capable of producing deep-coloured, velvety reds with sufficient concentration - provided yields are limited - to merit ageing in oak and then bottle.’
    • ‘Novac is another deep-coloured red grape variety.’
    • ‘The words 'Portuguese architecture' tend to conjure up a vision of deep-coloured tiles, the kind that fill the facades of the houses that tourists see when visiting the southern parts of Lisbon.’
    • ‘The exhibition features iconic Tanjore paintings with detailing in gold foil relief studded with deep-coloured stones.’
    • ‘It needs plenty of sunshine to ripen the skin and make deep-coloured wine.’
    • ‘Deep-coloured nail enamel is suitable for use with thin hands having big joints.’