Definition of deemster in English:



  • A judge (of whom there are two) in the Isle of Man judiciary.

    • ‘Illiam Dhone's sons, George and Ewan, presented petitions for redress, and, after some delay, the earl, the deemsters, and three other members of ‘the pretended court of justice’ were brought before the King in Council.’
    • ‘The deemster said he accepted there had been a delay in bringing the case to trial and had reduced the jail terms substantially as a result.’
    • ‘The bishop was entitled to appoint to all livings lapsed for 6 months (although in 1541 the deemsters had ruled that the Lord of the Isle should control such appointments).’
    • ‘The present day ceremony at the site sees the top tier occupied by the governor and Lord Bishop (originally the Viking king and hid high priest), the second tier has the deemsters and members of the legislative council, the third is occupied by the twenty-four members of the House of Keys and on the fourth vicars and captains of the parishes.’
    judge, magistrate, her honour, his honour, your honour
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Middle English (originally a general word for a judge): from deem + -ster. The current sense dates from the early 17th century.