Definition of deed in English:



  • 1literary An action that is performed intentionally or consciously.

    ‘doing good deeds’
    • ‘One who resolves to give his life for God if called upon has the merit of an actual martyr, since God considers a good intention as an accomplished deed.’
    • ‘Many were the kind deeds performed by this good natured gentleman and he will be sadly missed by family and friends.’
    • ‘She also called on the congregation not to establish a political party but instead to perform good deeds to serve the society.’
    • ‘The Executive has made a virtue of preaching the need for reform without accompanying those words with deeds.’
    • ‘But some, who saw what took place, said: From where does this child spring, since his every word is an accomplished deed?’
    • ‘Clans identify with animals that performed a kind deed or may have helped an ancestor through a crisis.’
    • ‘For he was one who performed surprising deeds and was a teacher of such people as accept the truth gladly.’
    • ‘He testifies to seeing Luzhin slip a hundred rouble note into Sonia's pockets, thinking at the time that Luzhin was secretly performing a good deed.’
    • ‘As a result of the defeat, his every deed will be performed under a magnifying glass.’
    • ‘First, it is clear that we often want to perform the deed and at the same time do not want to suffer the punishment.’
    • ‘For Katharine Casey doing a good deed was a reward in itself.’
    • ‘A man of noble qualities, John performed many kind deeds during his long life.’
    • ‘Her kind nature was ever to the fore and she performed many good deeds in her own quiet manner.’
    • ‘God considers a good intention as though one had performed a good deed.’
    • ‘You have good intuition and this will help you in performing several meritorious deeds.’
    • ‘It is vital to be able to both express it in words and to perform it in deeds.’
    • ‘Yet some of our best leaders have performed their greatest deeds well past our supposed retirement age.’
    • ‘Those who are devotees (of Vishnu) and who worship Vishnu, are those who perform virtuous deeds.’
    • ‘But what would our world be without these non-conformists who perform unspoken deeds in the dead of night?’
    • ‘Hayley Joel Osment designs the ultimate good Samaritan pyramid scheme, doing good deeds for people and asking them to in turn perform three good deeds.’
    act, action, activity
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    1. 1.1 A brave or noble act.
      ‘their deeds will live on in song’
      • ‘He feels as he discusses the power of myth that he is able to make people experience both terrible and noble deeds.’
      • ‘He further recounted how the brave deeds of Harmodios and Aristogeiton were immortalized by an inscription on the sculpture's base.’
      • ‘But his proud parents Nick and Denise, who run the the Holden Arms, Grane Road, Haslingden, had no idea of his brave deed until days later.’
      • ‘However, his brave deed and the actions of his colleagues is now likely to be recognised both by the Garda authorities and the Irish Safety Council.’
      • ‘This fall, as we've witnessed the devastation of the California wildfires, we have been reminded yet again of the firefighters' brave deeds.’
      • ‘It is a modern-day fairy tale complete with magic, an ogre, brave deeds, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.’
      • ‘Who do you admire for his or her bravery, great deeds or noble qualities?’
      • ‘It's a haunting description, catching as it does both the whiff of dishonour and the sense of brave deeds never acknowledged that clings to our idea of the spy.’
      • ‘Our hearts swell with pride, and our thoughts drift to memories of fallen friends, brave deeds, and the proud legions who have gone before.’
      • ‘Jambai has no intention of just sitting back after doing this noble deed.’
      • ‘This brave deed brings him many hardships: injuries, winter storms, and the loss of his companions.’
      • ‘Nickson was a tall, proud, and handsome captain of the Polish navy, who was loved by all who knew him, and did many brave and valiant deeds.’
      • ‘This outrageously noble deed must not remain singular.’
      • ‘For Kass, the sting of death makes for stronger friendships, greater loves, more ardent learning, and nobler deeds.’
      • ‘‘A gentleman never turns away from the opportunity to perform brave and noble deeds,’ Conor said.’
      • ‘He was simply an icon of the West, a doer of brave deeds on the great frontier.’
      • ‘We should try to surpass each other in good and noble deeds.’
      • ‘The fact that he has friends at all is only due to his infrequent but stunningly noble deeds.’
      • ‘The heroic deeds of this brave and noble Irishman have brought honour and glory to his native Annascaul and West Kerry’
      • ‘Jane's brave deed is likely to raise around £600 towards the running of the centre.’
    2. 1.2mass noun Action or performance.
      ‘she had erred in both deed and manner’
      • ‘In the evening, crowds attend Ramalila, dramatic performances recounting Rama's deeds.’
      • ‘For I am sure that even for this humble deed, I deserve a lot more than credit.’
      fact, reality, truth, actuality
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  • 2often deedsA legal document that is signed and delivered, especially one regarding the ownership of property or legal rights.

    ‘mortgage deeds’
    See also title deed
    • ‘She instructed the defendants to draw up on her behalf a new will and two deeds of gift accordingly.’
    • ‘Several opponents on the path have barred railroads from their land by adding restrictive covenants to their property deeds.’
    • ‘By Hammurabi's time, in Mesopotamia there had accumulated literally centuries of archived legal decisions and property deeds.’
    • ‘Although Harriet made a contribution to the purchase price Ian told her that there was a limit to the number of names that could appear on the deeds to the property.’
    • ‘He wants to grant deeds of ownership to vendors and shop owners in the underground economy.’
    • ‘It is all very well to sign these deeds of settlements but we need Governments with the gall to implement them.’
    • ‘Owners should start with their property deeds, which will detail all past owners.’
    • ‘Normally when lending money on the security of a mortgage, a mortgagee will take the deeds to the property away from the estate owner in order to prevent him dealing further with the property.’
    • ‘Store original documents, property deeds and birth certificates in a bank safe deposit box.’
    • ‘There was no restrictive covenant in the deeds.’
    • ‘Senior mortgages or deeds - loans taken out prior to the one in default - are your responsibility if you buy the property.’
    • ‘There were no written documents from the 1948 meeting, and no deeds or leases were ever executed in relation to the property.’
    • ‘It suggests, perhaps, that we are indeed at last moving a little bit faster between the time the deeds of settlement are signed, and the time legislation comes to this House.’
    • ‘He enclosed a copy of the will, the original conveyance to the testator and the two deeds of gift.’
    • ‘There is also a flat fee of £35 payable to register property deeds with the Registry of Deeds.’
    • ‘He prepared a mortgage deed, which the defendant executed.’
    • ‘All your parents need to do is sign a deed conveying ownership of the home to you.’
    • ‘Minors can't sign deeds or other legal documents, and they aren't allowed to receive money once the property is sold.’
    • ‘As a last resort, you could also apply to have a judgment mortgage registered on the deeds of your debtor's property.’
    • ‘There was, in the events which happened, no tie or crossover between the loan contract and the mortgage deed.’
    legal document, contract, legal agreement, indenture, instrument
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[with object]North American
  • Convey or transfer (property or rights) by legal deed.

    ‘they deeded their property to their children’
    • ‘The sixty feet now claimed by the Defendants lies north of the lane, clearly on the land deeded to the Plaintiffs.’
    • ‘In the 1838 Treaty of Oak Creek, the federal government deeded a 65,000-acre reservation to the Oneida Nation when a segment of the tribe was transferred from New York to Wisconsin.’
    • ‘The place is the Dakota territory, whose black hills were deeded by treaty to the Sioux.’
    • ‘In 1954 Rodia packed up his few belongings, deeded his property to his neighbor, Louis H. Saucedo, and walked away, never to return.’
    • ‘Bonny Doon produces fine cypress, rather than fine wine, because The Nature Conservancy bought the property in 1989 and deeded it to the state as an ecological reserve.’
    transfer, give the right of, give the title of, grant, cede, devolve, lease
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Old English dēd, dǣd, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch daad and German Tat, from an Indo-European root shared by do.