Definition of decumbent in English:



  • (of a plant) lying along the ground or along a surface, with the extremity curving upwards.

    • ‘There are no trees in this area, shrubs are typically lower than 2 m and restricted to narrow riparian bands, vegetation is either absent or decumbent, and searches were conducted before the emergence of leaves.’
    • ‘P. myriophylla is a woody subshrub that forms patches of prostrate or decumbent stems often rooting at the nodes.’
    • ‘However, most of the material was atypical being much smaller in all aspects, often decumbent, with club-shaped, pubescent capsules.’
    • ‘The occurrence of trees with decumbent stem form was also noted and leaning of the stem from a vertical posture was visually assessed.’
    • ‘They grow upward from the basal branehes and only become decumbent after they have grown a few centimeters.’


Late 18th century: from Latin decumbent- ‘lying down’, from the verb decumbere, based on de- ‘down’ + a verb related to cubare ‘to lie’.