Definition of decorative arts in English:

decorative arts

plural noun

  • The arts concerned with the production of objects which are both useful and beautiful.

    • ‘This allows these pieces to shift beautifully between the realms of fine and decorative arts.’
    • ‘The Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society was founded in London in 1887 with the goal of elevating the decorative arts to the level of the fine arts.’
    • ‘The collection focuses on American paintings and decorative arts from the late 17th through 19th centuries.’
    • ‘Chinese decorative arts have an 8,000-year history; the artisans of the Qing dynasty represent the zenith of many of these arts.’
    • ‘Turke had no formal training in art, but she had designed costumes for the theatre and had experimented with decorative arts.’
    • ‘The plates from the earlier work are used frequently as illustrations in this dictionary of materials and techniques in the decorative arts.’
    • ‘For a man who was more at home in the worlds of music, antiques and the decorative arts, a naval career, which his father insisted he should follow, was anathema.’
    • ‘This refreshing look at the cultural world of a northern European prince is a must-see for those concerned with the decorative arts and the history of collecting.’
    • ‘In 1892 the two men established the influential Old Edinburgh School of Art, offering classes in the fine and decorative arts.’
    • ‘The scope of Burton's artistic ability went well beyond that of decorative arts in the arts and crafts style.’
    • ‘The new American wing for decorative arts opened in 1924.’
    • ‘Over the years, I felt I should involve myself in that, so I took a sabbatical and went to Chicago to study blacksmithing and the decorative arts.’
    • ‘The museum also features galleries devoted to photography and decorative arts, including Steuben glass.’
    • ‘By this time, De Morgan had turned his attention to the decorative arts and had been experimenting with stained glass.’
    • ‘The movement was very successful in going beyond the borders of fine art and spreading into commercial and decorative arts.’
    • ‘The art deco style in France permeated every aspect of the decorative arts, but it was particularly appealing to graphic designers.’
    • ‘Each piece of work contains a strong design element bringing to mind decorative arts of the Twenties and Thirties.’
    • ‘Her encouragement of the decorative arts is exemplified by ardent partisanship on behalf of the Sevres pottery she established at Bellevue.’
    • ‘Its broad array of offerings covers the entire history of art, and includes decorative arts.’
    • ‘Mosaics are one of the oldest known decorative arts, found in archaeological digs as old as 4th Century BC.’


decorative arts