Definition of deconstructionist in English:


adjective & noun

  • See deconstruction

    • ‘He typifies as absurd the post-modern, deconstructionist school of literary criticism, which dismisses the importance of authorship or authorial intention, thus allowing a text to be read and interpreted in any way.’
    • ‘His solution, in so far as it is meant to be that, lies in what has become in recent years one of his most celebrated views, thanks to its being so congenial to deconstructionists.’
    • ‘The reader is charged with the responsibility for making meaning and interpreting the text because, the deconstructionist argument goes, the text no longer provides a singular, authoritative meaning - if indeed it ever did.’
    • ‘They are like deconstructionists and post-modernists who say that everything is political or that everything is ideology.’
    • ‘While reality is not so subjective as postmodern philosophers and deconstructionist literary critics would have us believe, the words we use can have a powerful effect.’