Definition of deconsecrate in English:



[with object]
  • Transfer (a building) from sacred to secular use.

    ‘the church was deconsecrated in the early nineteenth century’
    • ‘‘At the moment they can just be deconsecrated at the behest of a bishop and the people who paid for these churches have no say,’ Mr Cassidy said.’
    • ‘Sitting in his office beneath the choir loft of a deconsecrated church in Cincinnati, James Verdin can't hear the World Peace Bell toll from across the Ohio River.’
    • ‘St. Mary's Abbey, or Friary, has not been deconsecrated.’
    • ‘An additional venue, the deconsecrated church known as the Athenaeum, which is directly alongside St Mark's Cathedral, has also been obtained for the exhibition and will house one of the artist's installations.’
    • ‘As St Crumnathy's Cathedral is currently deconsecrated, it is not possible to install Canon Doris into her stall at the moment.’
    • ‘It is even more difficult if the conversion involves buying or building on part of a graveyard, where church authorities must deconsecrate the ground.’
    • ‘The chapel, built in the 1870s, was deconsecrated at the start of the second world war and used as an electronics factory before being converted into two houses in the 1980s’
    • ‘A DEVELOPER'S £750,000 gamble to transform a deconsecrated and empty church in York's city centre into a classy restaurant or café bar could start to pay off next week.’
    • ‘The altar was deconsecrated in 1964, and the rest of the church in 1967.’
    • ‘I was a fan of this musical when it played in a deconsecrated church basement in the West End in 2002.’
    • ‘After the English Reformation, many holy buildings such as tombs, charnel-houses, cloisters and churches were deconsecrated, emptied of their contents, sold away or destroyed.’
    • ‘Performances take place in a deconsecrated church in the grounds.’
    • ‘In 1880, at a time when enthusiasm for industrial invention was at its height, the museum was reorganized and the deconsecrated church nave converted into a magnificent space for exhibiting machines.’
    • ‘Publican John Keating is redeveloping the deconsecrated St Mary's Church on Mary Street in Dublin 1, which is due to open as a bar and restaurant at the end of the summer.’
    • ‘Curator Jan Hoet set the ninth edition of the Sonsbeek public art exhibition in the original park, a deconsecrated church and a shopping mall.’
    • ‘In countries outside India, temples have often been fashioned from converted premises, from schools, deconsecrated churches, homes, even factories.’
    • ‘Last October, Andres Serrano's photographs were exhibited in the deconsecrated church of Santa Marta.’
    • ‘Nothing remains of the old Holy Trinity burial ground, which dates back to the 1840s - it was deconsecrated in the 1970s - apart from the old wall and three gravestones.’
    • ‘The Museum of Contemporary Religious Art resides in a deconsecrated modernist-style chapel of a former Jesuit study center.’
    • ‘‘It is a disgrace to see the Church where Wolfe Tone was baptised and where the famous preacher John Wesley gave sermons being deconsecrated and turned into a pub,’ Mr Cassidy said.’