Definition of deconfliction in English:



  • See deconflict

    • ‘The main purposes were FP, information vetting and sharing, joint targeting in support of operations, and source deconfliction.’
    • ‘It not only authorises all flights, it also aids in the deconfliction of those aircraft in the exercise air space.’
    • ‘There is a finite amount of time you can spend on other flight-related tasks without verifying flight-path deconfliction between your aircraft and the ground or other aircraft.’
    • ‘Group Captain Ludwig said that as the air space was used by civilian aircraft and CoastWatch, deconfliction of air space was one of the main challenges for the CAOC.’
    • ‘The various airspaces required by the heavy-lift vehicle, the delivery vehicles, and the airdrop cargo itself all require deconfliction with other airspace users.’