Definition of deconflict in English:



[with object]Military
  • Reduce the risk of collision between (aircraft, airborne weaponry, etc.) in an area by coordinating their movements.

    • ‘The FCB is responsible for coordinating, integrating, and deconflicting the efforts of all components within the functional area.’
    • ‘One of the lessons these officials learned during Operations Deliberate Force and Allied Force was that manned aircraft and UAVs must be deconflicted by time, altitude, and/or location to avoid a potential midair collision.’
    • ‘These routes, used both day and night, differ in how they're activated and how civil traffic is deconflicted.’
    • ‘Use of fire support control measures, such as restricted fire lines, is a straightforward, clearly understood way to deconflict fires.’
    • ‘The collection priorities are coordinated and deconflicted with the collection managers of subordinate ground maneuver task forces and the ISR Cell within the Air Operations Center.’
    • ‘It will enable BDA-production organizations to deconflict production, making them more efficient and timely.’
    • ‘He used this registry to deconflict active and inactive sources being used by all U.S. strategic and tactical CI and HUMINT collectors.’
    • ‘This staff officer will be responsible for coordinating and deconflicting CI and HUMINT activities with national agencies.’
    • ‘We consulted several chronologies and databases and attempted to deconflict reports and casualty figures.’
    • ‘Those requirements had to be prioritized and deconflicted with requests from other AORs and then balanced against the requirements for strategic early warning.’
    • ‘The tactical airspace integration system provides the ability to deconflict airspace usage.’
    • ‘The A - 6 must ensure that users of allocated and assigned bandwidth are deconflicted, that they meet technical parameters, and that interface requirements are satisfied.’
    • ‘Public affairs ‘support to [information operations] requires… synchronization of efforts with other organizations and agencies to ensure themes and messages are consistent and deconflicted.’’
    • ‘The problem of deconflicting so many complex documents and ensuring continuity between them is obvious.’
    • ‘The remaining smaller portions of the spectrum have become more difficult to deconflict.’
    • ‘No longer satisfied merely to deconflict the activities of the several services, we now seek joint interdependence.’
    • ‘In order to prioritize and deconflict the increasingly complex range of training in Red Flag, its staff should use modular training blocks similar to the specialized scenarios developed for the original exercise.’
    • ‘The platoon deconflicts airspace during flight in the air traffic control chat room.’
    • ‘Furthermore, any counterspace operation must be deconflicted with other friendly operations to minimize unintended effects.’
    • ‘Today, however, they no longer even need much help deconflicting signals from other governments.’