Definition of decolour in English:


(US decolor)


[with object]
  • Remove the colour from.

    • ‘The powerful action of the kidneys soon relieves the circulation of bile and decolours the eye.’
    • ‘Syrups, and many animal, vegetable, and saline solutions, are decoloured or whitened by agitation with animal charcoal.’
    • ‘A patent was granted, in the year 1848, to MH Picciotto, for two several methods of purifying and decoloring all varieties of gum-arabic.’
    • ‘The bacteria only are stained, while all other elements are decolored.’
    • ‘Egg shells are often used to clear or decolour a white wine.’
    make white, turn white, whiten, make pale, turn pale, make pallid, turn pallid, blanch, lighten, fade, wash out, decolorize, peroxide, etiolate
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Late Middle English: from French décolorer or Latin decolorare, from de- (expressing removal or reversal) + Latin colorare ‘to colour’.