Definition of décolleté in English:


(also décolletée)


  • (of a woman's dress or top) having a low neckline.

    • ‘She was like a prettier Nancy Sinatra, with large breasts that were about to burst forth from her décolleté black dress.’
    • ‘Samantha runs into a hockey player she once slept with, who has taken to wearing a blond wig, weapons-grade mascara, and décolleté dresses - and who has renamed himself Samantha, in tribute to his ‘role model.’’
    • ‘It's all high glamour, décolleté dresses, the Riviera of the jet set and rien ne va plus.’
    • ‘Even more annoying to her was the fact that she was thus unable to wear any of her beautiful, décolleté evening dresses, of which she had quite a collection.’


  • A low neckline on a woman's dress or top.

    • ‘A rather round woman in a décolleté was sitting at a scarred harpsichord, howling out a bawdy drinking song.’
    • ‘Its bodice fitted like a second skin, the décolleté covered by gossamer, skin-coloured netting upon which sparkled, embroidered stones.’


Mid 19th century: French, past participle of décolleter ‘expose the neck’.