Definition of deco in English:



  • 1

    short for art deco
    • ‘I've finally found a dream apartment in an old deco building, with a terrific view in a great neighborhood.’
    • ‘Also here is the town's only gay nightclub, the Boom Boom Room, which fronts the Coast Inn, an unpretentious deco structure with low rates and killer water views.’
    • ‘Glasgow 1938 is a visual resource of the city's Empire Exhibition, a modernist / deco delight that teetered on the brink of a new era and consequently vanished without undue influence.’
    • ‘We first see Matthews as she arrives at a wonderful deco newspaper office designed by Alfred Junge.’
    • ‘The smart deco bar is a beautiful throwback, a jewel box where servers in smart white waistcoats present bowls of olives, nuts and snacks.’
  • 2

    (in scuba diving) short for decompression
    • ‘Bill tells the story of a huge minke that came in close for a snoop during a deco stop, an encounter captured on video by one of my fellow-divers.’
    • ‘We have tables and computers to work out our deco, we have regulators that can perform to ridiculous depths, and we have twinsets and rebreathers to give us shedloads of gas.’
    • ‘This steam collier grounded off north Cornwall in 1916 and makes for an interesting dive if you don't mind a little deco, says John Liddiard.’
    • ‘More deco is required for these deeper dives, and this also demands the other skills required for such dives.’
    • ‘I was the last person to exit the water since I had the longest deco.’