Definition of declared in English:



  • 1Openly or formally asserted or announced.

    ‘despite the company's declared good intentions, some remained sceptical’
    ‘he has no declared conflict of interest’
    ‘there is only one declared winner’
    ‘they are both declared atheists’
    • ‘They are all trained First Responders and are currently undergoing further training which will lead to them becoming a declared resource to the Coast Guard.’
    • ‘Both the declared victor and the man who says fraud robbed him of victory are coming face to face today.’
    • ‘The same strange thing about the declared wattage occurs with the other model, by the way.’
    • ‘Not enough party leaders and members sufficiently shared the president's declared values and governance direction.’
    • ‘The country will claim that it has succeeded in its declared aims of neutralising terrorism by killing or capturing at least 15 people who it accused of dozens of murders.’
    • ‘But to succeed in this way would be to fail, because the declared American intent was to proceed anyway.’
    • ‘Our former friends will become deeply suspicious of us and no doubt make plans for when they find themselves declared enemies of U.S. power.’
    • ‘Article VI of the treaty stipulates that the five declared nuclear powers are to gradually work towards eliminating their nuclear weapons capabilities.’
    • ‘Massachusetts, meanwhile, had five major declared disasters, mostly associated with heavy rains and flooding in its seven easternmost counties.’
    • ‘What's more, as I've argued often before, U.S. law generally does not distinguish between declared wars and undeclared wars.’
    1. 1.1 (of taxable income or dutiable goods) acknowledged as being in one's possession.
      ‘his declared income is £60,000’
      ‘declared goods are free from VAT’
      • ‘Illegal cleaning merges with semi-legal cleaning; with semi-deliberate fraud; and with knowing fraud (the cash top-up on the declared wage).’
      • ‘Morison's declared tax expenditure on patent medicine stamps suggests that his home turnover rose to an annual average of 34,000 pounds in 1830.’
      • ‘If you are in the 42 per cent tax band you will be liable for a further 17 per cent tax on the declared income, whether you bring the money back to Ireland or not.’
      • ‘Taxes come out of your declared wages.’
      • ‘Whilst there are many declared goods and services, the Prices Commission has only regularly fixed the maximum price of bread and petrol.’