Definition of declare an (or one's) interest in English:

declare an (or one's) interest


  • Make known one's financial interests in an undertaking before it is discussed.

    ‘failure to register or declare an interest while lobbying ministers’
    • ‘I've spoken to people at Tottenham, I've declared my interest.’
    • ‘When Steve Archibald declared his interest in buying Airdrie this week he did not state whether he would also be making a playing comeback.’
    • ‘Last August, To was accused of failing to declare his interest in a flat he purchased and later transferred to the Democratic Party in 1997.’
    • ‘Murphy declared his interest in the Eccles Street and Marlborough Street properties last October in the Corporation's register of interests.’
    • ‘Says Sue Matthews, chair of the ballet board, ‘We had to feel confident that the opera house was going to happen before we could publicly declare our interest.’’
    • ‘Ever since he declared his interest just over a week ago, the City has been telling him they wanted at least 400p.’
    • ‘Let me declare my interest: I am CEO of Nanotechnology Victoria, a company set up to invest in nanotechnology to support Victorian industry.’
    • ‘Two other clubs have also declared their interest in signing Leigh's Papua New Guinea international.’
    • ‘Instead, a poker-faced Willis wanders around the camp like a wary housebuyer uncertain as to whether he should declare his interest.’
    • ‘Responding to the criticism, Coun Sturgis said he has always declared his interest in the housing development during council meetings.’