Definition of declarator in English:


(also action for declarator)


Scots Law
  • An action whereby a legal right or status is declared but nothing further is done.

    • ‘In the premises, the Defendant is entitled to a declarator to the effect that it is entitled to the retention of the aforesaid amount of money.’
    • ‘If she still refuses to let you see them you may have no option other than to proceed with an action for declarator of parental rights and a contact order.’
    • ‘An action for declarator of nullity of a marriage must be made to the Court of Session in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘He pronounced a decree of declarator that, in removing the petitioner's accreditation, the respondents had acted unreasonably and a decree of reduction of the respondent's decision of 13 th December 2002 to withdraw the accreditation.’
    • ‘An action for declarator of parentage, non-parentage, legitimacy, legitimation or illegitimacy may be brought in the Court of Session or the Sheriff Court.’