Definition of deckhand in English:



  • A member of a ship's crew whose duties include cleaning, mooring, and cargo handling.

    • ‘She was a traditional all-wood Turkish gulet with full sails, cabins for 12, and a crew of three - the captain, the cook, and a deckhand.’
    • ‘Steven Sippila, skipper of the Sinikka, and his deckhand Scott Boyle have been busy this week preparing their equipment and bait for the busy 13-week season.’
    • ‘John's scholastic achievements were more artistic than academic, and he left school at 15 years of age, doing a succession of forgettable jobs until he joined the Merchant Navy as a deckhand at 17.’
    • ‘For two years I had to crew as a deckhand on a trawler so we could keep the business going.’
    • ‘They were employed as deckhands and laborers on European ships plying the coast.’
    • ‘In fifty-odd years as a deckhand, stock tender, able seaman, and now captain, I became increasingly alarmed by the growth in plastic debris I was seeing.’
    • ‘The junior deckhand on duty had fallen asleep, chronically fatigued after his eight hours' sleep in the previous 24 hours were broken into three periods.’
    • ‘In 1957 Glanville got married, and the next year he started working as a deckhand on a fishing boat.’
    • ‘At the end of the time he was out of money but was befriended by the captain of a luxury tourist canal barge who offered him a two month job as a deckhand.’
    • ‘The deckhands were busy undoing the smaller sails aft and ahead.’
    • ‘Kevin commenced fishing from the Killybegs port in 1982 as a deckhand on the white fish vessel the MFV ‘Shaun Shaun’, owner/skipper Hughie Moore.’
    • ‘Asian seamen were employed both in a traditional capacity as deckhands and within the engine rooms of such vessels, but also increasingly as service staff on cruise liners.’
    • ‘Mr Brettell, who had started out as a deckhand after leaving school in Hull, first became a skipper in 1960.’
    • ‘A deckhand who rose to become the owner of six boats, the 37-year - old millionaire knows he is not popular with those he left in his wake.’
    • ‘The company wants tugboat engineers to take over some of the duties of deckhands.’
    • ‘In his early days Ernie, who was born in England, became a young seaman and travelled to many exotic parts of the world as a deckhand on freighters.’
    • ‘In seconds the crew had cleared the deck and only the deckhands required on this deck remained behind, busy at their posts.’
    • ‘The main issue in the dispute is pay equity with deckhands and cooks working on tugboats.’
    • ‘He said the impact of the giant wave had sent a deckhand crashing across the cabin and into a window.’
    • ‘It must have needed a crew of at least a hundred to run properly, and surely there were more than that because Lily could almost count the fifty deckhands running up and down the length of the ship in preparation to dock.’
    worker, factory worker, manual worker, unskilled worker, blue-collar worker, workman, workwoman, workperson, working man, labourer, operative, hired hand, hireling, roustabout, employee, artisan
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