Definition of decipher in English:



[with object]
  • 1Convert (a text written in code, or a coded signal) into normal language.

    ‘authorized government agencies can decipher encrypted telecommunications’
    • ‘Also, judging by the final sentence, it would appear that my amateur attempt at cryptography has been easily deciphered, not that I am overly surprised by that fact…’
    • ‘It only became public knowledge when MAGIC intelligence decrypts, including a signal from the Japanese attaché in Berlin which was not deciphered until after the war, were declassified in the USA in 1980.’
    • ‘The relatively simple code used by Mary was quickly deciphered, and translations were provided for Elizabeth.’
    • ‘It was intercepted and deciphered by Room 40, a predecessor of GCHQ, the Government's top secret listening post, in January 1917.’
    • ‘A code was typed in and it automatically deciphered itself, forming into a simple set of commands.’
    • ‘The harbour became so bright none of the signal codes could be deciphered.’
    • ‘The censor deciphered most of these codes fairly easily, although some of the more subtle ones may have eluded him.’
    • ‘The catch is that anyone intercepting the key then could decipher all your messages.’
    • ‘Still, Pepys' shorthand was not deciphered until 1819 by an undergraduate who did not know that in the library Pepys had also left Magdalene was the shorthand primer on which the cipher was based.’
    • ‘Using actual paintings like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, Brown deciphers hidden codes tucked away inside these great art works by Da Vinci himself.’
    • ‘This was a key, just as Egyptian hieroglyphics could be deciphered only when the bilingual Rosetta Stone was found.’
    • ‘Numerous books and television documentaries have chronicled the remarkable work of the team who deciphered the Nazi's Enigma machine.’
    • ‘"Miguel, can you decipher this code for us? " asked Grace.’
    • ‘I had to decipher the code so that I could make a counter formula.’
    • ‘After wireless transmission by Morse code the enciphered message would be typed by the receiver onto an Enigma machine having the same ground setting, the key setting entered, and the text deciphered automatically.’
    • ‘The code was just being deciphered back then so they did not know what this could mean.’
    • ‘Just as with any other type of cipher, as long as the recipient knows the key, the process of deciphering an Enigma encrypted message is incredibly simple.’
    • ‘Three-fourths of the message has already been deciphered, but the remaining fourth has apparently been coded in an entirely different way.’
    • ‘The content of the info sent is encrypted and couldn't be deciphered as far as I know.’
    • ‘He had to decipher more than ten lines of code before entering the right password.’
    decode, decrypt, break, work out, solve, interpret, translate, construe, explain
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    1. 1.1 Succeed in understanding, interpreting, or identifying (something)
      with clause ‘visual signals help us decipher what is being communicated’
      • ‘When we assemble a new desk or barbecue grill, she deciphers the directions, I do the actual putting together.’
      • ‘To go back further will require a few excursions as she delves into parish records, consults family histories and roots around in graveyards deciphering inscriptions on headstones for further clues.’
      • ‘Have you ever tried deciphering a doctor's prescription that looks like some sort of secret code out of World War II?’
      • ‘On numerous occasions, I simply could not decipher what the actors were saying.’
      • ‘Now her great-great nephew, Alan Douglas, has deciphered Lucy's spidery handwriting and, as a labour of love, produced eight copies of the diary.’
      • ‘New research from makes deciphering the Scottish property market no easier.’
      • ‘The good news is that those with a talent for solving puzzles and deciphering cryptic clues will be in with a chance to win a cash prize and, of course, enjoy plenty of fun and good-humoured banter along the way.’
      • ‘Two viewings suggest that deciphering the complex, ambiguous plot may not be worth the effort.’
      • ‘They are able to decipher much of the language spoken to them, but they do not speak it.’
      • ‘As usual, we put together a panel of market mavens who can decipher today's investment climate.’
      • ‘A child who reads with expression is grasping the larger meaning, while a child who reads in a monotone is putting all his effort into deciphering the individual words and may be missing the story.’
      • ‘He stared at her, trying to decipher the meaning behind her words.’
      • ‘Those deciphering the symbolic meaning behind the painting say it has cast a new light on the life of Burlington.’
      • ‘Just as the human genome project succeeded in deciphering the code in human DNA, scientists now believe we must seek to identify the components of the very life base of the planet.’
      • ‘"It took me a week to decipher his handwriting, " Kilpatrick says.’
      • ‘Spend a couple of hours in the Auld Kirk graveyard deciphering each gravestone, building up a picture of local people's lives.’
      • ‘Be prepared to spend some time deciphering the menu, which consists of at least forty confusing photos of fruits and nuts in various stages of preparation.’
      • ‘I wrote these words in the dark and it was often a struggle to decipher the scrawl which resulted.’
      • ‘Such success might seem strange, given that few people outside of ivory towers have even heard of Foucault, but Duncker's novel isn't some dry academic text that needs to be painstakingly deciphered.’
      • ‘Whatever actually occurred, the Court is now faced with the daunting task of deciphering their submissions.’
      make out, discern, perceive, see, read, follow, fathom, penetrate, make sense of, interpret, understand, comprehend, apprehend, grasp
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Early 16th century: from de- (expressing reversal) + cipher, on the pattern of French déchiffrer.