Definition of decentralization in English:


(British decentralisation)


mass noun
  • 1The transfer of authority from central to local government.

    ‘efforts to promote decentralization and reform of the national political party’
    as modifier ‘the government's decentralization programme’
    • ‘He speaks about mutualism, localism, devolution and the decentralisation of power.’
    • ‘This shows that devolution and decentralisation is the way of the future and I look forward to further initiatives under the Better Local Government programme.’
    • ‘The 73rd and 74th Amendments of the Constitution should be scrupulously enforced, paving the way for effective democratic decentralization.’
    • ‘This is intended to help government and its partners clarify processes for the decentralisation process and build capacity for it.’
    • ‘Decentralization has long been advocated by the political and economic elite in the West as a means of wrenching power from the more populous Eastern provinces.’
    • ‘The government will begin implementing the regional autonomy and fiscal decentralization policy in January.’
    • ‘On the fiscal policy, the board suggests that the government should manage public debt more efficiently and accelerate fiscal decentralization into local areas as much as possible.’
    • ‘It advocates decentralisation, economic reforms, additional support for the less well-off and a return to the pacifism spelled out in the constitution.’
    • ‘Questions of federalism and decentralization have dominated public debate across the country.’
    • ‘The ministry of rural development is now testing its decentralisation plan - termed sector reform - on 70 million rural Indians.’
    1. 1.1 The movement of departments of a large organization away from a single administrative centre to other locations.
      ‘the decentralization of business services’
      • ‘He said effective decentralisation of resources and responsibilities was also important for growth.’
      • ‘He is the least hostile of the civil and public service union leaders towards decentralisation, mainly because of his union's younger age profile.’
      • ‘Kiltimagh is the ideal location for decentralisation of IT type projects.’
      • ‘If we are to have a proper enterprise economy in the north and encourage decentralisation, we need to plan for it and prepare for it.’
      • ‘The shift comes as the company continues to refine its operating style following a radical decentralization of marketing responsibility to five regional units.’
      • ‘Moreover, managerial decentralisation and a shift in the locus of bargaining and power relations raises the prospect for trade union renewal at the state sector workplace.’
      • ‘This restructuring and decentralisation plan simplifies our business, and will improve our focus, agility and control.’
      • ‘Just how fast we can move towards industrial decentralisation cannot now be said.’
      • ‘The Association should encourage the decentralisation of multinational companies to economic blackspots and areas that do not suffer from labour shortages.’
      • ‘Representatives were unable to cope with the increasing discontent and conflict which arose from trust decentralisation, organisational restructuring and new managerial processes of control.’