Definition of debut in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdeɪbjuː//ˈdɛbjuː/


  • 1A person's first appearance or performance in a particular capacity or role.

    ‘the film marked his debut as a director’
    • ‘A man-of-the-match performance on his debut - a 4-1 defeat of Aston Villa - was a perfect start.’
    • ‘Provided I can find a spare ten minutes to edit some of my poetry for a family audience, those in attendance will witness my debut as a performance poet.’
    • ‘The film was directed by former camera operator Robert Day, making his debut in that capacity with some uncredited supervision from the more experienced Basil Dearden.’
    • ‘Made in 2000, the film marks the debut of young Mexican director, Alejandro González Iñárritu.’
    • ‘Twenty-nine-year-old Gardemeister delivered a highly mature performance on his competition debut in a Focus RS.’
    • ‘This film also marks the debut of screenwriter David Lewis, an award-winning editor with the San Francisco Chronicle.’
    • ‘He has already made both his TV and film debuts, but it is his superlative stage performances in the ‘Music Man’ that have catapulted him close to stardom status.’
    • ‘He made his professional debut in the title role in the tour of ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.’
    • ‘Saint's role was her screen debut and merely resulted in a well-deserved Best Supporting Actress Award for her.’
    • ‘When Brando made his screen debut in the 1950 film The Men there had been nobody quite like him before on screen.’
    • ‘That she succeeds so well is impressive given that the role represents her film debut.’
    • ‘She fell in love with the theatre when she was still a student at the Rousse Language School where her debut was in a performance of Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw.’
    • ‘Driver Keen is out to impress on his BTCC debut after strong performances in international Formula 3000 and sportscars.’
    • ‘This month marks her cinematic debut in a leading role.’
    • ‘Two years earlier, Sophia had made her debut with a bit role in the Federico Fellini film, ‘Variety Lights’.’
    • ‘Mos Def gives one of his strongest performances since his classic debut, Black on Both Sides.’
    • ‘McDowell is riveting in his screen debut, and the film's social observation and build-up of tension is quite compelling.’
    • ‘Phillips's performances on her debut at the Burghley International three-day event last year were the highlight of her eventing career thus far.’
    • ‘Howard didn't hurt his cause in his international debut, a solid performance in a 1-0 win over Ecuador in March.’
    • ‘Kevin Keegan is ready to give his latest youthful midfield discovery a starting role at Old Trafford after his spectacular debut.’
    first appearance, first showing, first performance, launch, launching, coming out, entrance, premiere, beginning, introduction, inception, inauguration
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    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting the first recording or publication of a group, singer, or writer.
      ‘a debut album’
      • ‘Lead track off the debut EP from this drop dead cool New York five-piece.’
      • ‘So it's not surprising that shes taken a while to record this debut album.’
      • ‘She's also getting her debut CD together, intended for release in September.’
      • ‘A debut novel already being described as the à « adult Harry Potter '.’
      • ‘All this and the band still to release its debut single in the UK!’
      • ‘This week Sean goes into the studios to record his debut album and it will feature a collection of classic Irish songs from down the years.’
      • ‘Zadie Smith's 2000 debut novel White Teeth was published to a tsunami of critical acclaim.’
      • ‘While his debut novel turns towards Ireland, his second turns away from it.’
      • ‘Kelly also recorded her debut solo album Simply Deep.’
      • ‘After signing with Island in 1997, they'd recorded a debut album but were dropped before they could actually get it released.’
      • ‘Ian is best known as singer and songwriter for The Stone Roses, who most people agree, made rock music's best ever debut album.’
      • ‘Which singer's debut album was released when she was just 13?’
      • ‘I was thrilled to hear that John and the Staggering Statistics have released their full-length debut recording for free online.’
      • ‘Nicholls claims that during the recording of their debut album, he was so naive that he didn't realise bands had to go on tour.’
      • ‘Alicia seems to have come out of nowhere, with this stunning debut LP.’
      • ‘In 1983, Chris released his debut solo album Out of the Night.’
      • ‘The former Skunk Anansie singer's debut solo album deals with a time when her relationship - and her world - fell apart.’
      • ‘In 2001, they recorded their debut album One for the Kids, which featured songs written by lead vocalist, Ryan Key.’
      • ‘Now having just completed the recording of their debut album, they'll be giving us first listen to some new tracks.’
      • ‘The debut novel of writer Nicky Singer has scooped the Blue Peter Book of the Year award, to be broadcast on BBC ONE on Sunday 15 December.’
      • ‘They are currently due to begin the recording of their debut album, which is hoped to be released throughout the summer months, before they embark on a nationwide promotional tour.’
    2. 1.2dated The first appearance of a debutante in society.
      • ‘Every female should look forward to their debut into Polite Society with optimism and dreams.’
      • ‘He didn't need Dorothy to tell him his liaison with Helene was not going to help Dianna's debut in Polite Society.’
      • ‘By the time she made her debut in Washington society, 18 - year-old Amy was a beautiful, mature, well-bred and graceful young lady, with green eyes and amber-colored hair.’
      • ‘And August 6, three days after her 18th birthday, Charlotte will make her official society debut at the traditional Red Cross Ball.’


  • 1no object, with adverbial Perform in public for the first time.

    ‘the Rolling Stones debuted at the Marquee’
    • ‘His rise to superstardom is incredible, considering he debuted in 1996.’
    • ‘He was the youngest ever All Black when he debuted at age 19 years and 45 days against France in 1994.’
    • ‘Political comic Will Durst debuts on AlterNet with some thoughts on the possible advantages of the disappearing ozone layer.’
    • ‘The teenaged Doby launched his professional career in 1942, when he debuted as a second baseman for the Newark Eagles.’
    • ‘The company debuted Oct.12 with Balanchine's Theme and Variations, August Bournonville's Napoli and Dennis Nahat's Moments.’
    • ‘He soon earned a reputation that followed him to New York, where he debuted at the Café Bohemia.’
    • ‘In November 2000 Richie moved to Dublin where he began working professionally, debuting at the Gaiety Theatre in the Aladdin pantomime’
    • ‘My friend Gabe (who debuts on Broadway in The Lion King on Feb.2-yay!) is supposed to be in Save the Last Dance with Julia Stiles.’
    • ‘Last year, the company debuted at the Fringe, but at a smaller location and without much fuss.’
    • ‘Pavarotti debuted at the Met in 1968, and performed in 20 roles in a total of 373 performances.’
    • ‘What was the name of Budweiser's ‘Original Party Animal,’ a pit bull mascot that debuted in a 1987 commercial?’
    • ‘It would be wrong to expect too much of the Scottish teenager who debuts at Wimbledon this week’
    1. 1.1 (of a new product) be launched.
      ‘the model is expected to debut at $19,000’
      • ‘It is also a bona fide best seller, debuting today at No. 9 on the New York Times list.’
      • ‘There are also plenty of exciting non-Apple products set to debut at the show.’
      • ‘The metal bottle debuted a year ago, but only with Michelob products.’
      • ‘Aluminum beer bottles are debuting this week from the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. It's a joint venture with Alcoa.’
      • ‘The Japanese launch will come just over a month after the console debuts in the US and Europe in the late October/early November timeframe.’
      • ‘The Longest Road debuts on Tuesday, July 1 at 10 p.m. on the History Channel.’
      • ‘The pricey product debuts in Japan on Sept. 1 for about $1,700.’
      • ‘I was reminded of that business fact of life when looking at some really nice new services that debuted this week.’
      • ‘The new version of Media Centre will coincide with a marketing campaign titled ‘Windows XP Reloaded’, which promotes numerous products that are debuting this year as reasons to buy a Windows XP computer.’
      • ‘The new production of the Forsythe Company debuts on 21 April, 7: 30 pm at the Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt / Main’
      • ‘The tax would apply to the Nokia N91, which debuts with a 4GB drive on-board.’
      • ‘Superseding the existing Job Bulletin, the new service, which debuted August 1, will enhance what was already one of the most comprehensive employment lists available to musicians.’
      • ‘A hybrid version of the Toyota Highlander employing the same technology will debut next year.’
      • ‘Stern, who left terrestrial radio earlier this month after two decades, has been very vocal about selling his new show, which debuts on January 9.’
      • ‘Intel expects the technology to debut as a standard part of its server products in 2006.’
      • ‘MVP Baseball had been under production for four years before debuting last year, and despite some flaws, proved a decent baseball game.’
      • ‘She is also currently developing her own television series, plus her own range of products which will debut on the Home Shopping Channel in the United States.’
      • ‘Honda's new Jazz, which debuts at Frankfurt and goes on sale in Europe early next year, is without doubt one of the most important launches for Honda on this side of the world.’
      • ‘Leica's new LRF - 800 laser rangefinder was one of the most exciting new products to debut at the SHOT Show.’
      • ‘The new processor is expected to debut at 1.8GHz and scale up to 3GHz.’
    2. 1.2with object (of a company) launch (a new product)
      ‘the company is to debut new software’
      • ‘Last year, one company debuted a mobile phone-based novel written to be transmitted in 70-word chapters.’
      • ‘Open - E has debuted a flash module with an IDE interface for almost - instant NAS storage on x86 PCs or servers.’
      • ‘The company debuted 13 new products at the show.’
      • ‘We are still using the same bearing sizes, crankshaft design, and lifter bores that were debuted on the original big-block Chevy in 1965.’
      • ‘The Travel Channel will debut a new travel series about the world's hot spots, traveling to such dangerous locales as Afghanistan and Chechnya.’
      • ‘For 2004 the company is debuting five new jacquard styles.’
      • ‘The original idea was to debut the CD-ROM in advance of the 2000 Le Sabre's launch.’
      • ‘The education software firm Muzzy Lane recently debuted a history-learning program for university students based on a multi-user game format.’
      • ‘She plans to debut new hair-care products and cutting edge styles.’
      • ‘This month the U.S. Postal Service debuts a new commemorative stamp set celebrating four American scientists.’
      • ‘Swatch has debuted a new product - Diaphane One - with only 2,222 watches sold in the whole world and 20 of them in China.’
      • ‘Palm staged a major product launch in the second quarter, debuting its Tungsten and Zire product lines.’
      • ‘For the adults, the company debuted Klondike Oreo Cookie Sandwich and Ocean Spray Fruit Juice Bars.’
      • ‘Virgin Galactic, the first commercial space tourism operator, is giving away a seat into space when the company debuts its commercial space service in two to three years.’
      • ‘Taiwanese manufacturer Luxpro has debuted the Super Shuffle at CeBIT in Hanover, a product that at first glance looks exactly like the iPod Shuffle.’
      • ‘The company debuted his original oils at Artexpo New York in March and plans to start a print program in the near future.’
      • ‘Kraft has debuted several new pudding products this year.’
      • ‘The company is scheduled to debut its high-speed 3G service in the second quarter for its 8.2 million mobile-phone users.’
      • ‘A client might be in the news because it is debuting a new product or having a strong earnings quarter.’
      • ‘Later this summer, the software giant is debuting new software that lets subscribers listen to rented music on portable players that use its Windows Media software.’
      • ‘Spode's Christmas Tree pattern became an instant classic when the legendary English China company debuted the line in 1938.’


Mid 18th century: from French début, from débuter ‘lead off’.