Definition of debus in English:



[NO OBJECT]British
military slang
  • 1 Alight from a motor vehicle.

    • ‘Once the police convoy arrived at the Canal Bridge, it halted, and the men in the leading cars debussed.’
    • ‘It was good for them because it was the first time that a lot of these guys would have been in that type of scenario where they had MBTs and infantry debussing out of the back and live firing going on.’
    • ‘They noticed the screaming housekeeper, stopped, and debussed.’
    • ‘While his men were debussing, Daly saw ‘several men rushing back from the top of the bridge towards the entrance gate of the park.’’
    • ‘The ASLAV crew are anxious for the section to debus as quickly as possible, the ramp starts raising even before the last member is clear, then they jockey ahead.’
    • ‘As he debussed, he looked toward the field, where he saw fifteen to twenty men running down the alley to the turnstiles, some of them turning and firing at the first car.’
    step off, climb off, leave, exit
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    1. 1.1[with object]Unload (personnel or stores) from a vehicle.