Definition of debrief in English:



  • Question (someone, typically a soldier or spy) about a completed mission or undertaking.

    ‘the government debriefed him over a span of four years’
    ‘during his debriefing he exposed two Russian spies’
    • ‘He has been debriefed by police and taken to a safe house amid fears Hall's underworld associates may target him.’
    • ‘Back at the Counter Terrorist Unit, Scott Jaeger was waiting to be debriefed.’
    • ‘Soldiers want to maintain their equipment and get some chow and rest after a mission, but the mission is not over until participants are debriefed.’
    • ‘The CIA never debriefed him on anything of strategic importance and tried to kill the interest others might have by discrediting him behind his back.’
    • ‘Some of the information came from Embassy personnel debriefings and reports.’
    • ‘I proceeded to the tactical operations center and debriefed Lancer 6 as my men refueled and rearmed.’
    • ‘I debriefed him on the mission over Clark Field.’
    • ‘Each SF battalion runs its debriefings in a different manner.’
    • ‘He is safe in Germany this afternoon after being debriefed by his superior officers.’
    • ‘The team was debriefed by the company commander and the operations officer as soon as it returned.’
    • ‘In this case, I know for a fact the shooting happened; I debriefed the officer who did most of the ballistic damage, and his supervisor.’
    • ‘They should at least write a certification that if somebody comes out of a war zone they need to be debriefed.’
    • ‘Every soldier in the patrol knew his mission and post-patrol debriefings began to yield better intelligence because soldiers knew ahead of time what indicators to look for.’
    • ‘He was in Germany in 1945 as part of a special team dedicated to debriefing Nazi scientists and shipping them back to the US.’
    • ‘Once there, trainers evaluated every second of the missions during post-flight debriefings.’
    • ‘He went to the US in October 1992 and spent most of the next year being debriefed by the CIA.’
    • ‘The single most important procedure in this methodology is an effective debriefing.’
    • ‘Once we returned to base camp, we handed any contraband or detainees over to the S2 and debriefed our soldiers, especially those on the assault force.’
    • ‘After I exited the aircraft, I stayed on the roof, debriefing the troubleshooters.’
    • ‘Since then it has been a nun's missionary home, various forms of home for elderly people, and a place where airmen were debriefed during the second world war.’
    question, quiz, interview, examine, cross-examine, interrogate, probe, sound out
    put questions to, ask questions of
    grill, pump, give the third degree to, put through the third degree, put through the wringer, put through the mangle, put the screws on
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  • A series of questions about a completed mission or undertaking.

    ‘in the debrief, Gary gave his assessment of the trip and his performance’
    • ‘The centre will include state-of-the-art technology for commanders to oversee the exercises in real time then replay missions in debriefs to personnel.’
    • ‘After the debrief, I found out I had shut down with 2,100 pounds of fuel remaining - not bad for a shore-based flight.’
    • ‘His notes became crucial during debriefs and filling out patrol reports.’
    • ‘It was not until after a thorough debrief, and after I had a chance to sit down and think about what actually happened, that I realized how close I had come to starring in a Class-A mishap.’
    • ‘In the debrief, I asked the crew of the lead jet if they had the same problem at the same time, and they said ‘yes.’’
    • ‘Midway through the debrief, we were notified the aircraft battery had gone into a thermal-runaway condition, which is very bad.’
    • ‘After several debriefs and hours of exploring why the problems occurred, we made several determinations.’
    • ‘During the flight debrief, the instructor and I identified the following contributing factors to the near-mishap.’
    • ‘The crew debrief brought out some interesting points.’
    • ‘As discussed in the debrief, dumping gas would have been the right decision to make.’
    • ‘Early in the deployment, we used written reports and oral debriefs with patrol leaders daily.’
    • ‘At the debrief, I felt good about how the mission unfolded, except for when we first established comms with the beach.’
    • ‘Once I closed and locked the door, the ensuing debrief lasted for 2 hours - which is pretty amazing, considering we only flew one full-up engagement.’
    • ‘We have to be in three hours before flight, and stay one hour after for debriefs and paperwork.’
    • ‘In our debrief, we discussed crew coordination and the process of deciding to eject.’
    • ‘Throughout the crew debrief, we recalled the many questions that had run through our heads.’
    • ‘After admitting to maintenance and the squadron what had happened, as well as conducting a thorough debrief, the jet and I were back flying later that night.’
    • ‘Despite one of the most constructive debriefs in my aviation career, I could have done without this flight.’
    • ‘Platoons and companies that conduct rigorous pre-combat inspections, training rehearsals, patrol debriefs, and AARs are laying the foundation of strong discipline.’
    • ‘I raised these points during our debrief, and we discussed them at length.’