Definition of death row in English:

death row


  • A prison block or section for those sentenced to death.

    ‘a convicted killer on death row’
    • ‘Readers may wonder how it is that an insane person winds up on death row in the first place.’
    • ‘Three bombers are on the death row and 26 have been jailed for terms ranging from three years to life.’
    • ‘With the death row inmate quickly exhausting his legal avenues, a new execution date could be set by the end of the year.’
    • ‘I was positive I was on death row with a life sentence the equivalent of Alcatraz without parole.’
    • ‘Mia walked to her car with the confidence of a death row inmate walking to the chamber.’
    • ‘The inmates drew up a list of grievances for the new unit manager who had just been brought in to run the death row.’
    • ‘With the re-introduction of the death penalty, we can also have a British death row.’
    • ‘What would you do if your father was put in jail on death row when you were six?’
    • ‘On death row in Georgia, by contrast, prisoners spend several hours out of their cells each day.’
    • ‘As of January this year, death row contained 3,697 prisoners awaiting execution.’
    • ‘Smith, who is to be hanged, will probably leave death row after his sentence is commuted to life imprisonment.’
    • ‘Government's plan to hang every prisoner on death row has encountered an obstacle.’
    • ‘I believe we should have a death row in this country, as in America, where murderers etc. can be kept for years.’
    • ‘Led to the scaffold from a death row cell, he was prepped for the noose by a masked executioner.’
    • ‘Some prisoners have to wait for up to 20 years on death row, and some even die in prison from natural causes.’
    • ‘More now on the escape of a Texas death row inmate from a county jail in Houston.’
    • ‘There are currently 560 people on the state's death row at San Quentin prison, more than in any other state.’
    • ‘I believe prison officials bent the rules for inmates who behaved well on death row.’
    • ‘The argument was that the long imprisonment on death row constituted inhuman or degrading punishment.’
    • ‘Most often, those on the death row are those least able to defend themselves in court.’


death row