Definition of death match in English:

death match


  • 1(in wrestling) a match in which many of the normal rules do not apply, typically leading to a more violent contest.

    • ‘He was a rare breed of wrestler who fit in just as good in a junior heavyweight tournament as he did in deathmatch tournaments.’
  • 2(in computer gaming) a mode of play in which the aim is to kill the characters controlled by other players.

    • ‘I've always enjoyed the team based gametypes more than the deathmatch games.’
    • ‘Maps should be suitable for deathmatch involving between 10-16 players.’
    • ‘The multiplayer mode allows you to go head-to-head with up to three other players in a Twisted Metal style deathmatch.’
    • ‘It's high time for developers to recognize deathmatch isn't the only or most entertaining multiplayer mode out there.’
    • ‘I call foul on Korea for using the Moon to batter the opponent during a death match.’
    • ‘There's the option for cooperative, time based or multiplayer missions within Everything or Nothing, along with deathmatches.’
    • ‘Most deathmatch veterans will absolutely hate the slow pace of an arena match.’
    • ‘I mean I spent countless hours playing Unreal, and although I enjoy a good deathmatch, single player games are my preference.’
    • ‘The cool weapons in Will Rock make deathmatch a unique experience.’
    • ‘We fired up Unreal Tournament 2003 and took a spin through a deathmatch level to make sure the mouse wouldn't go loco because of the blue LED.’
    • ‘Customary with first person shooter titles, a deathmatch multiplayer component is present.’
    • ‘We have 9 deathmatch levels with their own unique settings.’
    • ‘Needless to say, US pundits are already calling this the ultimate celebrity deathmatch.’
    • ‘In multiplayer mode, it supports team missions as well as some death match options.’
    • ‘The solo game is fast-moving, while multiplay online allows for deathmatch, team deathmatch, posse and bounty challenges for up to eight players.’
    • ‘On the multi-play side of things, Mech Assault shines with co-op and deathmatch battles in a variety of environments.’
    • ‘In a fierce online deathmatch, this can often mean death to your online persona.’
    • ‘Different modes like death match, body count or time challenge are waiting for the player to be entered.’
    • ‘Multiplayer modes include co-op missions with up to 4 players, or death-match and team death-match with up to 16 players.’
    • ‘Epic has added a system that lets you win credits as you play, as close to gambling on a death match as you can get.’