Definition of death house in English:

death house


  • 1A house in which someone has died.

    • ‘Mummy and I didn't want to go down to the death-house too soon, because the aunts were in such deep mourning, always deeper in Ireland than anywhere else.’
    • ‘He has managed to market seventy pieces from the balcony, every plank inscribed ‘from the death house of Franz Kafka.’’
    1. 1.1 A place for storing bodies prior to burial or cremation.
      • ‘I've sat in the death house with victims' families, seen them suffer.’
      • ‘He was left for dead in a hut known by the PoWs as the death house, but fellow prisoners nursed him to health.’
    2. 1.2US informal The building in which prisoners are kept in preparation for execution.
      • ‘And Terre Haute Federal Prison and its death house in rural Indiana hardly make for a modern-day Calvary or Golgotha.’
      • ‘The only documents he left behind are those in his home and a few letters hidden in prisoner files from Sing Sing's death house, which are now housed at the New York State Archives in Albany.’
      • ‘He and I both knew that when we entered the death house as juvenile offenders, there was no room left for the boys within us.’
      • ‘On January 12, two prison matrons escorted her quickly into the death house and strapped her, sobbing, into the large wooden chair.’
      • ‘It angers the world more than the film of the death houses and torture chambers discovered in Iraq.’
      • ‘Yup, our very favorite mad bomber cheated the death house, and I say that's cause for celebration.’
      • ‘This is the death house, where killing is done by quiet-spoken, polite people who first serve you a fine meal and pray with you before they kill you.’
      • ‘Officials said they moved the prisoner to a bare cell in the windowless death house on the prison grounds yesterday, confirming it with a video released to news media.’
      • ‘The US has chosen the death house as the final arbiter of justice.’
      • ‘He reveals to an elderly lady friend that he once was chief guard in the death house of the state pen.’