Definition of death-or-glory in English:



  • Brave to the point of foolhardiness; reckless.

    ‘a death-or-glory approach to political problems’
    • ‘If anything, the impulses behind these death-or-glory games have been reversed.’
    • ‘It was a death-or-glory attempt at bridging Lorne's lead, which was 22 points.’
    • ‘He directs with abundant energy but he does lack any element of surprise, and whereas the sight of dinosaurs in Jurassic Park induced awe, now they are more like components in a death-or-glory computer game.’
    • ‘They want him to stick his hand in his nicely-lined pockets, and finance a death-or-glory spree.’
    • ‘There's no death-or-glory atmosphere here, but rather the inherent smugness of a government in control which is planning to stay that way.’
    • ‘Anything else will cause considerable heartache and a death-or-glory match with Olympiakos in the final match in the group.’
    • ‘The final is supposed to be a tumultuous death-or-glory contest where players would put their life on the line in their bid for a place in the history books.’
    • ‘I watched a few rugby matches on TV and they were all good fun, death-or-glory type affairs, a little lacking technically, but more than made up for in passion and commitment.’
    • ‘Indeed all 19 players in both squads were given an outing, an indication that this was not exactly death-or-glory stuff.’
    • ‘Sadly, in the days of hype rather than style and substance, a death-or-glory 40 runs in a limited-overs contest would be remembered more than a blood-and-guts Test match hundred.’
    reckless, rash, incautious, heedless, unheeding, hasty, overhasty, precipitate, precipitous, impetuous, impulsive, daredevil, hot-headed
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