Definition of deafening in English:



  • (of a noise) so loud as to make it impossible to hear anything else.

    ‘the music reached a deafening crescendo’
    • ‘Then she heard the deafening roar of the bombs going off.’
    • ‘The noise was quite deafening, and my attempt to block all these unwanted sounds by avoiding the vision was almost completely futile.’
    • ‘The rumbling of a crashing spacecraft was heard and the deafening noise stopped the argument.’
    • ‘It was impossible to hear anything over the deafening crashing of the desks or the unbearable exploding of the hallways.’
    • ‘The stadium reverberated to the deafening roar of the national anthem.’
    • ‘As usual, the room was filled with deafening applause.’
    • ‘They walked in and the noise was almost deafening.’
    • ‘She could barely even hear herself over the deafening roar.’
    • ‘The ring tone's on, but the music is deafening so I can't hear it.’
    • ‘At 18.55 I heard a roar from the runway and looked over to see Concorde just taking off - the noise was deafening and it felt like it shook the bus.’
    • ‘The blast was deafening so I knew my colleagues had heard it as well.’
    • ‘Riho couldn't hear anything but the deafening roar.’
    • ‘The blessing was met with a mass 'Amen' and then deafening applause.’
    • ‘Supporters, many waving flags and home-made banners, cheered on their heroes and often the noise was deafening.’
    • ‘At higher speeds, the engine noise was almost deafening.’
    • ‘She barely heard Tzaer shout over the deafening noise.’
    • ‘Someone raised the already deafening volume on the sound system to aching intensity.’
    • ‘The support for the British number one from the Birmingham crowd is deafening.’
    • ‘Orlan had to yell in order to be heard over the deafening noise.’
    • ‘It was a deafening roar, perhaps the loudest sound ever heard.’
    very loud, extremely noisy, ear-splitting, ear-piercing, ear-shattering
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