Definition of deadstick landing in English:

deadstick landing


  • An unpowered landing of an aircraft.

    • ‘One version had me bringing the aircraft to a perfect deadstick landing after an engine failure at 1,000 ft or so.’
    • ‘Whitey tried a deadstick landing in the Selway River and almost made it with only six feet of one wing snagging a tree.’
    • ‘Both airplanes had stalled and crashed during desperate attempts to make deadstick landings after careless fuel exhaustion.’
    • ‘In another incident, in November, another Beechjet 400 had to make a deadstick landing after dual engine failure during a descent from 38,000 ft.’
    • ‘The story related that after the Navy torpedo bomber made a deadstick landing on the airfield the pilot stepped out of the cockpit and was shot down in cold blood.’
    • ‘I would say that more than 90% of my flights with this plane have ended in deadstick landings.’
    • ‘The guys who do the best deadstick landings in the simulator are all glider pilots.’
    • ‘Shot down on 9 August 1945, while bombing Ominato airfield, an F4U Corsair flown by Lt. Vernon T. Coumbre made a deadstick landing five miles offshore.’
    • ‘A deadstick landing is no time to lose your concentration and I flipped right over when I hit the deck.’
    • ‘The Space Shuttle Enterprise was used only for approach and landing tests, launching from the back of a Boeing 747 and gliding to deadstick landings at Edwards AFB, California.’
    • ‘In a real plane, dead stick landings are pretty uncommon, but simulated power failures and deadstick landings are a required part of the curriculum.’
    • ‘I like practicing my deadstick landings so I can get more comfortable with the plane just in case that unplanned-for event occurs.’
    • ‘The way I do deadstick landings is to put most of the drag out early and stay very tight to the field.’
    • ‘I had to shut down the engine and make a deadstick landing.’
    • ‘Another deadstick landing followed and this time he even had the time to turn left and clear the runway before bring the Spitfire to a halt.’
    • ‘Two of the in-flight events (in July and December 2004) ended in successful deadstick landings.’
    • ‘Because of its high wing loading, I did not attempt any deadstick landings.’
    • ‘One by one the finalists went through their paces: three deadstick landings to a spot, two loops, a spin, two Immelman turns, two snap rolls - not prodigious feats, but calling for skill.’
    • ‘Training will include deadstick landings, crosswind take-offs and landings, go-arounds, and engine failure after takeoff.’
    • ‘The one thing I'm proudest of is that I pulled off that deadstick landing, and did a pretty decent job of landing the thing… and even making the first turnoff.’