Definition of dead march in English:

dead march


  • A slow, solemn piece of music suitable for a funeral procession.

    • ‘The organ played a dead march, impressive addresses were made, and "Nearer, My God, to Thee" was sung.’
    • ‘When Shostakovich trots out a limp waltz or a dead march, you don't have to scrape very far beneath the surface to realise that it is intended as a poke in the eye for Stalin or one of his cultural apparatchiks.’
    • ‘After all the couples are placed, the women begin a song, as dreary and monotonous as a dead march.’
    • ‘They strutted and swaggered in Creole style, played the hottest of jazz and slowed to a dead march as the tempo changed.’
    • ‘‘Kriegers Ahnung’ opens with a pianistic evocation of a dead march and effortlessly, seamlessly changes color throughout the song's many shifts of mood.’
    • ‘As the veterans poured by the carriage in which Miss Winnie sat, one fife and drum corps after another softly played a dead march.’
    • ‘Shortly after we had completed our formation, the sad tones of a dead march smote our ears and a funeral procession entered through an opening at the other end of the square.’
    lament, dirge, requiem, elegy, funeral chant, funeral song, burial hymn, keen, plaint, knell
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