Definition of dead man's fingers in English:

dead man's fingers

plural noun

  • 1A European colonial soft coral which has spongy lobes stiffened by calcareous spines, said to resemble the fingers of a corpse.

    Alcyonium digitatum, order Alcyonacea

    • ‘So far it has been a dive typical of the area, with crawfish, lobsters, clumps of white and yellow dead man's fingers, sea urchins grazing paths across the rocks, and small jewel anemones on any spaces left.’
    • ‘Huge boulders surround the site, festooned in dead man's fingers and plumose and dahlia anemones.’
    • ‘The rocky seabed is covered in jewel anemones, dead man's fingers and hydroids.’
    • ‘Unlike the more northerly wrecks of the British Isles, the Oost Vlaanderen isn't covered in dead man's fingers or plumose anemones.’
    • ‘On her dives, Louise is likely to catch sight of lobster, starfish and octopus, as well as plants such as sea cucumbers, dead man's fingers and soft and hard corals.’
    • ‘This drift dive took us past vast boulders at a depth of about 25m, each with its own individual character - on one we found jewel anemones, on another dead man's fingers, on the next sponges or orange plumose anemones.’
  • 2A fungus that produces clumps of dull black, irregular, fingerlike fruiting bodies at the bases of dead tree stumps in Eurasia and North America.

    Xylaria polymorpha, family Xylariaceae, subdivision Ascomycotina

    • ‘I recall the fungi protruding through the duff: dead man's fingers, jelly babies, coral fungus, and earth tongue.’
    • ‘Dead man's fingers, a wood-digesting fungus that produces a variety of different dull-colored club-like fruiting bodies, is most likely not a single species.’
    • ‘The dead man's fingers fungus also causes root rot disease.’
  • 3informal The fingerlike divisions of a lobster's or crab's gills.

    • ‘Next, remove the crab's gills, or dead man's fingers, from the abdomen and throw them away.’
    • ‘You end up standing in the kitchen, apron on, hair tied back, getting increasingly, well, crabby, as you pick and shove your way through bones, cartilage and dead man's fingers.’
    • ‘Open the crab, remove the 'dead man's fingers' and cut the body into four.’