Definition of dead lift in English:

dead lift


  • A lift made from a standing position, without the use of a bench or other equipment.

    • ‘Last week, he broke Dowd's club record for a dead lift, shifting 240 kg.’
    • ‘After returning home and showering, he then hits the gym, where he concentrates on endurance and stamina exercises ranging from working over a punching bag to dead lifts with high repetition.’
    • ‘Steve, who trains with the University of Bradford's Power and Weight Lifting Club with coach Eddie Bennett, came first in the bench press, two dead lifts and bodyweight categories.’
    • ‘Scientists now believe that free-weight exercises such as squats and dead lifts are necessary for maintaining bone.’
    • ‘In Kentucky I competed in Powersports, which consists of three lifts - a strict curl, bench press and dead lift.’
    • ‘I did a dead lift of 685 and I could bench press in the 400 lb. range.’
    • ‘At the Special Olympic Games in Christchurch he won every event in his weight, and in the dead lift he lifted 190 kg, which is over three times his own body weight of 63 kg.’
    • ‘He returned to the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney to set records for the squat, the dead lift, and total pounds lifted.’
    • ‘He is able to do squats - he's lifting about 205 pounds, not the 500 he did at Miami - and dead lifts.’
    • ‘Like a complete idiot, I hurt my back doing dead lifts in my garage, and so spent a fair part of yesterday on my back in the family room.’
    • ‘David junior, at 116 kg, competed in the 125 category and set a new three-section world figure of 592.5kg as well as posting new marks for the squat and dead lift.’
    • ‘In order to take first place in his category Billy had to lift a total of 310 kg, 85 kg in the bench, 95 kg squat and 130 kg in the dead lift.’
    • ‘Power lifting consists of the squat lift, dead lift, and bench press.’
    • ‘He said the tournament was open to all those interested in weightlifting and that there would also be a power-lifting category involving bench-press, squat and dead lift.’
    • ‘Perry's workout begins with the straight-leg dead lift, a standing move that fires up both your hamstrings and buttocks.’
    • ‘In addition, Schurman recommends a total-body strength-training routine twice a week, including exercises such as dead lifts, squats and step-ups as well as core work for abs and lower back.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, you're going to build strength via squats, dead lifts, stiff-legged dead lifts, and upright rows.’
    • ‘In the dead lift Krystoff opened with 175k and Lee's usual is around 140.’
    • ‘Getting big requires that you do hardcore exercises like bench press, squats, military press, bent-over rows, barbell curls, skullcrushers, shrugs, and dead lifts.’
    • ‘He makes no secret of his ambition not only to win the heavyweight class in St. Petersburg, but to set a new world record for the three combined sections - bench press, squat and dead lift.’