Definition of de Clerambault's syndrome in English:

de Clerambault's syndrome


  • another term for erotomania
    • ‘And then - unexpectedly, miraculously - the novel comes alive again in its two appendices, one a clinical case study of de Clerambault's syndrome and the other a blissed-out letter from Parry to Joe.’
    • ‘Romance doesn't even need a willing partner in some cases, as people who are diagnosed with de Clerambault's syndrome hold the delusional belief that another person is in love with them, even if they've never met.’
    • ‘His 1997 novel, Enduring Love, is regarded by many as a masterpiece about a person with de Clerambault's syndrome.’
    • ‘Gradually Joe, a science writer by profession, comes to recognize Jed's behavior as a case of de Clerambault's syndrome.’
    • ‘Psychiatry has helped me differentiate the fan having a good time listening to ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ from those with displaced de Clerambault's syndrome or erotomania bestowing gifts upon The King.’


From the name of Gatin de Clérambault (1872–1934), French psychiatrist, who first described it.


de Clerambault's syndrome

/də ˈklɛrəmbəʊz/