Definition of de-Christianize in English:


(British de-Christianise)


[with object]
  • Remove Christian influences or characteristics from.

    • ‘A decade ago, Irving Kristol warned his kinsmen and co-religionists not to antagonize a huge friendly Christian majority by using the courts to de-Christianize the country.’
    • ‘We are increasingly a valueless, de-Christianised society - and we are paying a heavy price for this.’
    • ‘Our elite culture has been de-Christianized, and the notional faith that I heard preached from the pulpit in Trinity that day amounted to pure concession, Unitarianism in vestments.’
    • ‘I also think that Christians, living in a culture that is rapidly de-Christianizing, are frankly fools for urging an increasingly pagan and anti-Christian state to take up the sword.’
    • ‘We've been asked time and time again to de-Christianize our Apologia science curriculum.’