Main definitions of DC in English

: DC1DC2



  • 1Music
    Da capo.

  • 2Direct current.

  • 3District of Columbia.

    ‘Washington DC’
  • 4District Commissioner.

Main definitions of DC in English

: DC1DC2



  • A person's child (particularly used in online forums)

    ‘my eldest DC is starting reception tomorrow’
    • ‘I am thinking of asking a neighbour if they would mind taking dc to school and back for about a week following my operation.’
    • ‘He says that he thinks 2 DC are enough, but I think it's still early days and we may both be keen to expand our family a little further in the future.’
    • ‘When my dc refused to sleep in the cot we used a gradual withdrawal method.’
    • ‘Took dc to a playdate yesterday and the mothers were asking me when will dc have a sibling.’
    • ‘DC is 3 months old and I drove her to daycare today and then decided to call in to work and come back home because I'm sick.’
    • ‘Our youngest DC is only 18 months - is this a bit too young for us to get a puppy?’
    • ‘Our children play together and a few weeks ago she mentioned (after a day of DCs playing together) that all hers had terrible coughs.’
    • ‘I'm 36 and have 3 DCs, the youngest is just 8 months.’
    • ‘My DC starts school tomorrow and I have not planned MY first day outfit. LOL!’
    • ‘Is anyone else holding on to the faint hope that their DC might sleep by the time they turn three?’
    • ‘My eldest DS is starting reception in a few weeks and I have NO experience in this dept.’
    • ‘What does your DC call their grandparents?’
    • ‘How do you involve long distance grandparents in your DC's life?’


Early 21st century: abbreviation of darling child or dear child.