Definition of dbx in English:



mass nountrademark
  • Electronic circuitry designed to increase the dynamic range of reproduced sound and reduce noise in the system.

    • ‘With the launch of the dbx 160, the music industry sat up and took notice of the new company with the three lower-case initials--dbx.’
    • ‘The newest dbx DriveRack for live sound, the DriveRack 260, picks up where the PA left off.’
    • ‘Acoustic guitar and bass receive treatment from a dbx 120 subharmonic processor.’
    • ‘For the music beds recorded at Bearsville, Holbrook relied on dbx 160X or 160s on bass and guitars, while the piano got a Neve stereo compressor.’
    • ‘I checked out the MC6 with vocals, guitar and drums, and was greeted with the characteristic flattering unsubtlety that I've always thought the hallmark of the dbx sound.’


1970s: from dB ‘decibel’ + x (representing expander).