Definition of dazzler in English:



  • A person or thing that dazzles, in particular a person who is highly impressive or skilful.

    ‘he is a dazzler, hopelessly irresistible with his charm and drop-dead looks’
    • ‘This dazzler features a lavish, diamond-encrusted setting and patented cushion-cut centre diamond.’
    • ‘June saves some of the best for last: three planets converge in the sky to form a planetary trio, a dazzler for sky gazers late in the month.’
    • ‘Strangely, it was his comparatively slight Short Story that rose to become the season's dazzler.’
    • ‘This book is another dazzler from the woman who has raised crime writing on to a new plateau.’
    • ‘Two dazzlers appeared in close succession several centuries ago - Tycho Brahe's nova of 1572 and Johannes Kepler's nova of 1604.’
    • ‘This dazzler boasts a mahogany body and hand-carved 2-piece flamed maple top lovingly finished with 14 layers of hand-buffed lacquer.’
    • ‘Today these dazzlers, almost too beautiful to be worn, are prized family heirlooms.’
    • ‘The stag's horn sumach, with leaves of a fiery orange, is one of the cheapest and most attractive of autumn dazzlers.’
    • ‘Emma Donoghue says it is ‘quietly enthralling, unnerving, erotic… a dazzler.’’
    • ‘And this dazzler is expected to fetch up to six million US dollars when it goes on auction next week.’
    • ‘Why can you hand the same problem to two different people and get a solitary, pedestrian solution from A and a dozen dazzlers from B?’
    • ‘While not spectacular, he became adept at making the routine plays and even sprinkled in an occasional dazzler.’
    • ‘You have learned from this that you are vulnerable to a particular kind of person: a dazzler.’
    • ‘Director Zhang Yimou's long-delayed dazzler was widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and thrilling films the world has ever seen.’
    beautiful sight, vision, joy to behold, picture, dream, sensation, beauty
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